Microsoft Codenames List

Codenames are used to refer to products before their final release. Since many of these products, particularly new versions of Windows, are of major significance to the IT community, codenames are often widely used in discussions prior to the official release. Microsoft generally does not announce a final name until shortly before the product is finished, although it is usually […]

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A little story about feature build labs

After the reset of Longhorn, which became Windows Vista, Microsoft introduced virtual build labs (vbl) which were replaced by feature build labs (fbl) in Windows 7. Every team working on Windows has its own feature build lab (e.g. fbl_shell, fbl_multimedia, fbl_powershell, fbl_wdk, fbl_tools, fbl_dev, etc. — there are plenty of fbl’s). The fbl’s are development branches which contain the (unstable) […]

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Metro Icon Pack — Windows Phone 7 icons

This is a package containing 130 icons from Metro, the interface of Windows Phone 7 series. A preview of Windows Phone 7 has been shown at the Mobile World Congress 2010 in Barcelona; it is not 100% sure whether these icons will appear in the final version of Windows Phone 7, but probably they will. You are free to use […]

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A couple of Microsoft terms and acronyms explained.

Here is a list with some common terms and acronyms used for pre-release builds of Windows, Updates or which are used during the development process of software. BBT Binary Profile Feedback Optimization framework (Basic Block Tools (BBT)): BBT is a suite of optimization tools designed to help reduce the working-set requirements for a Win32 application by applying advanced static analysis […]

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Windows Server code name “Vail” / “Aurora” – What do we know so far?

Windows Server code name “Vail” Windows Server code name “Vail” is the name for the upcoming version of Windows Home Server. It will be based on top of Windows Server 2008 R2 and feature a complete new server console (now called Dashboard). A preview version of “Vail” (ctp4, community technology preview 4) with the buildtag 6.1.7360.0 (hsbs_ids.091210-1540) leaked to the […]

What does IDS/IDW mean and what are Escrow builds?

I have noticed a lot of questions and confusion regarding IDS builds recently. In the following I’ll give you a small overview of the different developer builds and what their abbrevations mean. There are 3 kinds of these developer builds, which are: IDW – Internal Developer Workstation IDS – Internal Developer Server Originally the IDW term was used to describe […]


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