Simple Metro PHP Gallery (SMPG)

For the past few days I have been working on a gallery script and today I have finally finished its project site and published the bits. It uses the PHP GD Library for creating thumbnails and a slightly modified version of the Lightbox 2 script by Lokesh Dhakar for displaying your images. It is very easy to use (no setup […]

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Raspberry Pi Unboxing

The wait is over! Nearly four months after I ordered my Raspberry Pi it finally arrived today. Hooray. Below are some photos from the unboxing. Now let’s see if I can get Windows CE 6.0 running on it. More pictures soon. By the way, I am hosting a mirror for the various SD card images for the Raspberry Pi released […]

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The Development of IA-64 Windows

This timeline was created since there are so many open questions about the development of IA-64 (Intel Architecture 64-Bit) Windows, what Windows Advanced Server Limited Edition/Windows Datacenter Limited Edition is and whether there was a 64-bit version of Windows 2000 or not. The information in the timeline I did not add any references for (January 1998 – March 2000), is […]

Windows 8 Milestones & Developer Previews

Public Windows 8 Milestones In the course of the Worldwide Partner Conference (July 8-12, 2012) Microsoft presented this schedule. It seems to include a few odd milestones, but actually all of them were presented to the public in the past. Below is a table which lists each milestone plus corresponding build number and the place of presentation. Name Shown at […]

Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Generator

After releasing the Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Pack yesterday, I decided to create the Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Generator today (sorry for that geeky name, but I couldn’t imagine a better one). Using the GD Library it lets you choose between four differently colored Windows 8 logos on any background color you can think of and outputs the […]

Windows 8 Metro Color Wallpaper Pack

After seeing a very basic, but pretty nice Windows 8 wallpaper, I got the idea to create a wallpaper pack which features the Windows 8 logo on the different Metro accent colors present in the Release Preview. This wallpaper collection contains 48 different wallpapers with the original white Windows 8 logo and the same 48 wallpapers with a custom-made colored […]

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